Volunteer to help us grow bicycling.

We are always seeking volunteers to help us make Wisconsin a better place to bicycle. Without the amazing support of our volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish as much as we do.

Clips Beer & Film Tour (Madison)

We need an awesome crew of volunteers to make Clips Beer & Film Tour a success. Volunteers get a free beer to take home and an exclusive Clips Beer & Film Tour tee!

Read below for descriptions of the volunteer shifts.
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Beer Server

This is where it gets fast and furious. We need a strong volunteer base here in the form of pourers, runners, and servers, and folks that can keep a line moving! Volunteers will be responsible for learning to pour beer well to minimize waste and money. Not all Beer Service volunteers need to be TIPS trained. However, some will be and will need to check for wristbands, and scan the crowd for intoxicated guests. Volunteers will not be changing any kegs, but will be responsible for informing NBB staff when that needs to be done.

ID Check: Wristbands & Beer Tokens

These folks are responsible for making sure every single person served at the event is of legal drinking age. ID checkers approve the guest’s valid Identification card (Drivers license, State ID, Passport, Military ID, or Green Card), and assuming that ID is valid, current, and the holder is in fact 21 years of age, they give the guest a wristband to mark their ability to drink, and send them to the beer token booth. The volunteers selling tokens and handling main cash flow, as well as distributing passports and giving a quick explanation about the flow of the event.

The Sour Experience

Did you know that New Belgium is the largest producer of Sour beer in the United States? What better place than Clips for attendees to get a glimpse of our sour production and then taste those sought after beers. Three volunteers will serve people samples and full size beers to those folks that want to take a walk on the “wild” yeast side.

Cans, Cans, Cans

People love canned beer! At this tent, this volunteer will be in charge of selling cans of beer as well as making sure the area is fully stocked.

Mystery Beer Taste Test

This is the place that people can show just how much they know about our beer! Lips of Faith beers were born from a New Belgium coworker contest like our taste test. It starts with a New Belgium employee mixing 3 different beers, and ends when someone can guess which 3 beers were mixed and what percentage of each beer is in the concoction. Guests will do just that at this tent. This volunteer’s job is there to pour samples of the pre-made “mystery beer,” and show folks where to drop their ballot. The winner of this “contest” gets a big high five and some serious bragging rights.

Merchandise/Volunteer Gift Tent

It’s at this tent that folks can purchase different types of merchandise and pick up a few freebies. This volunteer will be in charge of help track these sales through the use of an iPad.

Snapshot Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love taking a photo with friends and then posting it for all the world to see? The volunteer at this booth will take pics and help spread the word about this new wheat beer!

VIP Servers

A handful of lucky attendees have won a Clips Beer and Film Tour VIP Package. These servers will be dedicated to serving these people. All three of these volunteers must be TIPS trained.

Beer Order Lines

This is a very important job. In this role you will help expedite the beer line, by assisting attendees with their choice of beer, and provide them with a ticket to give the people taking orders. This role is a great job for talkers! Help! No one wants to wait in line for a beer!

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Become a Bike Fed Booster

Do you love to talk to others about bicycling? Are you passionate about making Wisconsin a better place to be on a bike? Here is your chance to make a difference. Be a Bike Fed Booster and share your love of bicycling with Wisconsin. You’ll get into events for free and enjoy meeting other bicycle enthusiasts.

To be a Bike Fed Booster you need to:

  • Attend a fun training (Spring 2016 – dates TBD)
  • Be a Bike Fed member (if you aren’t yet a member, but are serious about volunteering your way to a membership, talk to Betsy)
  • Be outgoing and comfortable asking strangers to join the Bike Fed
  • Commit to volunteering for one shift at three events in 2016

To sign up for the training, email membership@wisconsinbikefed.org and share why you’d like to become a Bike Fed Booster.

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