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Jessica Wineberg

Deputy Director
Based in Milwaukee
Jessica created and directs many programs including Share & Be Aware (statewide adult education campaign), Bike Walk Civics, and MilWALKee Walks.
Favorite bike: 1985 pink Peugeot that was found on a river bank.
Great memory of biking in Wisconsin: Biking to school with her son through the heart of Milwaukee yet 90% of the ride is on trail! 

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Carolyn Dvorak

Southwest Region Director Based in La Crosse Carolyn grew up in a family of bicyclists in Glendale, WI where weekends were spent on local tours and family bike rides.  She earned a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Education at UWM and spent ten years teaching elementary school for Milwaukee Public Schools. She has spent the last fifteen years in the La Crosse community nurturing her family, supporting the educational system, touring the beautiful driftless region, and developing her commuting skills. Favorite bike: An Old Italian Bonita passed on to me from some friends.  It is put together with a combination of mismatched parts and a sturdy steel frame. It is my comfortable, around town bike. Great memory of biking in Wisconsin: The summer that I was eleven, my parents took our family of seven, on Amtrak to La Crosse, and we rode our bicycles home to Milwaukee.


Caressa Givens

Milwaukee Community Projects Coordinator

Michelle Bachaus

Fox Valley Ambasssador

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Jake Newborn

Education Project Manager Based in Milwaukee Jake manages Milwaukee’s Safe Routes to School education programs along with other youth education contracts. He also oversees The Valid Bike Shop team at Milwaukee’s North Division High School. He has a little girl, July Elisabeth, and looks forward to teaching her to ride a bike. When he’s not working or with family, Jake is captain of the Milwaukee Bike Polo Club and his team currently ranks 5th in the Midwest, 9th in North America, and 17th in the World. Favorite bike: My polo bike because I’ve put so much money and effort to keep it running smooth despite so much abuse.” Great memory of biking in Wisconsin: Riding home from a Brewers game on the Hank Aaron State Trail and passing the line of cars (with Illinois plates) barely creeping along after a huge win over the Cubs.

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Dave Schlabowske

Executive Director
Based in Milwaukee
You can tell by his accent that Dave was born and raised in Milwaukee. Our resident “cycle chic” staffer, Dave started the Milwaukee office for the Wisconsin Bike Fed and now leads the organization from there. Dave used to race road, cross and MTB, and while he is no longer fast, he still communtes, mountain bikes and does as much bikepacking as possible. Favorite bike: All of them. Great memory of biking in Wisconsin: Biking to brunch in a freak hail storm.